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Bank MICR will allow the user the ability to print their own checks using a desktop laser printer with blank check paper. MICR INK is the same as a regular laser printer cartridge with a slight modification. The MICR Toner Cartridge is created exactly the same as a regular cartridge but instead of using regular toner, the toner is replaced with a formulated special grade of magnetic iron oxide added to regular toner which provides the characters with a magnetic signal. If you attempt to print checks with just a regular (non-magnetic) toner cartridge the characters will print visually correct, but it is what you can't see that will cause you the most problems. When the bank processes checks that have a good signal strength all of the MICR Fonts are read and recorded into the computer system and the check is then run through the bank sorters for distribution to the issuing banks. If by chance you were to print your checks with just a regular toner cartridge the bank readers couldn't enter the routing numbers or banking numbers automatically and the checks would have to be entered manually by bank staff and slows the process way down costing money that would then be passed on to you via bank service charges. Why use MICR Toners? If you do not use Check Printing Toner, the automated process setup by the banks of reading and sorting would be useless and not automated. The automation process was setup to enable the banks to process checks quickly, efficiently and with less labor costs.



MICR Toner Quality Really Does Matter in Check PrintingCE255a MICR Toner

Things you will want to consider when choosing which MICR Cartridge to purchase would include:  the cartridge type (new or recycled), the cartridge brand (manufacturer) and the cartridge price.  Purchasing premium new MICR Toner Cartridges can start adding up quickly, not only in cost but also in our  landfills. A cartridge which has not been previously used, typically provides a sense of reliability, but no cartridge is without fault. While on average new cartridge carry a 4% failure rate right from the box, just because of the way the cartridge is designed and the fact that they use computer chips to enable the end user to have information about the cartridge like: the manufacturing date, the number of copies made and the number of copies left that can be printed, that these chips can easily be shorted out by static electricity. Generally the public is led to believe that new cartridges have a more reliable cartridge performance history with consistent yields (or total number of prints per cartridge).  But what company would want you to purchase someone else's product?

By purchasing a recycled cartridge, you not only can save money but you can also help to save our environment by recycling. Everyday new cartridges are discarded into the trash. Over time this trash can build mountains of waste. It takes over a thousand years for the plastic and petroleum products that make up printer cartridges to decompose. These mountains of waste, if left unchecked will be with us for a very long time. While recycled cartridges have the same consistent yields and quality that the new cartridges have, both use the same exact magnetic toner and volume by cartridge model, so the really big difference is the cost. Granted not all companies have the same quality standards when manufacturing recycled cartridges, but you can rest assured that the cartridges mentioned here are one of the highest quality products, both new or recycled, in the industry.

When it comes to the quality of the cartridge you have to go a bit further and look at the quality of the vendor that you are considering purchasing from. There are plenty of companies out there that claim they remanufacture cartridges, when in reality they drill and fill cartridges. When you are looking to buy check printing toner you should look for a few things that will help you to make an educated decision on the company selling the cartridge. How many years have they been in business? The chances are pretty good that a company that has been around for over 10 years has a pretty good product and takes care of their customers. What kind of warranty does the vendor carry on both new and remanufactured cartridges? Typically low performing products will have a shorter warranty and a good sign of inferior products will show up here on the warranty that is offered.


premium new micr tonerModified Premium New MICR Toner

Since most major manufacturers do not manufacturer MICR that doesn't mean that they are not available. A modified premium new MICR Toner is made by starting off with a brand new cartridge from the manufacturer and has regular toner inside. The cartridge is then disassembled and the original toner is removed from the toner hopper and replaced with a special formulated secure check printing toner called MICR Toner that contains more iron oxide than the original toner, as to increase the signal strength of the banks readers and sorters. The cartridge is then reassembled, tested and the signal strength is read to insure the cartridge will perform at an optimum level. The cartridge is then packaged and labeled for sale to the consumer as a check printing cartridge.

The premium new cartridges to some extent give customers piece of mind they typically cost as much as twice the cost of a remanufactured counterpart. This is usually just a preference of the customer. If you do purchase new cartridges on a regular basis you should consider having the cartridges sent to a recycling center after use. This will help to reduce the overall waste that is associated with the widespread disposal of new cartridges.





Recycled MICR TonerMICR Toner made with Recycled Cartridges are a More Economical Choice and also Provide Great Results

Electing to use recycled check printing cartridges is a good environmental choice when it comes to the impact made on our landfills with the burden of unused printer cartridges. The recycled cartridge starts off  by using just the plastic casing of a used cartridge. These cartridges are considered virgin (having only been used one cycle and have never been recycled) and have proven reliability by lasting through their first use. The exterior casings are all inspected for damage or for potential defects. All internal parts and computer chips are removed and replaced with new components and chips, and filled with a specially formulated MICR Toner that contains iron oxide to increase the signal strength of the banks readers and sorters. The cartridges then go through extensive testing including the signal strength of the toner is measured for optimal performance at the bank. Once the cartridge has passed the quality test it is packaged and labeled as a recycled MICR Toner Cartridge for sale to the consumer.

The remanufactured (recycled) cartridge has been a proven alternative to expensive new cartridges. Again this is an eco-friendly choice by the consumer that makes this cartridge a preferred choice. Typically when there is a choice from one product to the next that is so extreme the consumer will often go with the lower priced product knowing that they will be sacrificing quality. This is not the case here. There is a distinct exception when it comes to reliable check printing industry as a whole. While most banks are customers of this industry there is a well known quality standard when it comes to check printing.




Different Brands of MICR Toner Cartridges

Brands of MICR TonerToday there are several manufacturers that produce some really good printers. But because of the designs of several brands there isn't a way to use MICR Toner in the cartridge effectively without having problems with the banking industry. One such manufacturer is Brother. The toner cartridge for a Brother laser printer actually is separate from the drum unit. In the toner cartridge there is no magnetic roller so the use of iron oxide in the toner is useless. Because of these types of issues you should be aware that not every brand of printer will automatically have a MICR Toner Cartridge available.

Since 78% of all printers worldwide in use today you would have to assume that the HP MICR Cartridge is the most widely used in the check printing industry. Without a doubt the HP MICR Toner is the most reliable of all the manufacturing brands. But the inkjet and color laserjet printers that HP makes is a terrible choice for printing checks with. Each respectfully has unique disadvantages and you will want to stay away from using these types of printers for your check printing. The HP MICR monochrome laser printer is the most widely used printer for check printing. This printer just prints black. The HP brand is so popular that there was a company started just to sell MICR Cartridges for the HP Brand called Troy MICR, since HP would have a problem with the use of it's registered name. The Troy MICR Toner has been claimed to have some of the highest security toner on the market. Some other brands that make good laser check printers are: Lexmark, Dell, IBM and Canon.




MICR Toner Check PaperCheck Paper to be used with MICR Toner

Now that we have covered the need for MICR Toner we need to talk about what you will want to print your MICR Toner onto. It is one thing to have a good printer with the right cartridge, but you need to have in place a good security paper that will put the whole process together effectively. You will need a quality Check Paper full of security features to prevent check fraud. Your Blank Check Stock needs to have a color pattern printed into the design that when copied clearly says void all over it, this is called a water mark. Good Blank Check Paper will come in a variety of colors and styles that will be preprinted on the back with signature lines as well will have perforations that easily detach for the style that you choose.







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